MediaPro-II-Premium, wall-mounted media rail.

System comprising a multifunctional aluminum rail system with an integrated picture rail, a magnetically adherent decorative band and profile sections for level 1 and level 2 slot-in accessories and boards. Additionally with an enamel steel baseplate as level 0.

Function. VS level 1 and 2 accessories, the picture rail and the magnetically adherent strip (see table) can be slid over each other.

Mounting. Wall-mounted with concealed screw fastenings. Longer wall rail systems are combined from several 3-meter elements and if necessary a cut element. Connection is effected linearly with a concealed adapter or with a 90 corner connector for angle joints. Comes with plastic end caps as standard. Additionally, the wall protection rail should be used to prevent the system from getting dirty in the area of the lower rollers.

Accessories. 90 corner connector, wall protection rail, plastic picture hooks, magnets, stoppers, boards, flip-charts, roll-charts, projection boards and aluminum suspension hooks with integrated anti-theft protection.

The following material groups are available: Rail made of aluminium: M(anodis).


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