Ergonomic Classroom Furniture

Dynamic Seating For Dynamic Learning


For workstations and classroom furniture to be ergonomic, it is crucial that the chairs and tables are adapted to body size. With this in mind,  our chairs are designed to go well beyond the basics and are fully adjustable in three dimensions. In addition to easy-to-use and extensive height adjustability features, models like the innovative PantoMove swivel chair feature a 3D tilt mechanism, which allows the body to effortlessly adapt to any physical movement. Spinal alignment and effective physical support are placed at the center of the design, and the highest standards of innovation and structure are integrated for the best possible result. Physical well being and flexibility help create the ideal conditions for authentic learning, both individually and collaboratively.

With ergonomic furniture in classrooms, it is possible for students to sit dynamically and experience physical, mental, and developmental benefits:

  • Spinal column rhythmic self-adjustment occurs regularly.  
  • The discs are continually supplied with vital nutrients.
  • Complex muscles of the back are stimulated and strengthened.
  • Over 100 joints in the  spinal column maintain balance of movement


Forward-Looking Ergonomic Classroom Furniture


Our tables and chairs are height-adjustable, allowing pupils’ work stations to be fully adaptable. As such, a winding handle allows the Ergo pupil’s table to be infinitely height-adjustable between 56 and 82 cm. This range allows for any individual student to use our design with all of the ergonomic benefits.


As part of the basic ergonomic requirements for classroom furniture, height-adapted furniture and chairs promote beneficial posture. However, what happens if tables are improperly adjusted or aren’t optimized for students’ heights? Tables that sit too low forces pupils to adopt a stooped posture, straining the discs. Conversely, shoulder tension can occur when a table is too high.


Additionally, the Ergo pupil’s table allows schools to strategize and adapt their spaces and furnishings to more efficient solutions, saving precious time and resources spent on static furniture in various sizes.

The Ergo III single table is tested and recommended by the “Bundesverband der deutschen Rückenschulen e.V.” and the “Forum: Gesunder Rücken – besser leben e.V.”


A Dedication to Learning


Dedicated to the future of intelligent and innovative seating solutions, VS is redefining the ways in which classroom furnishings can be integrated into the active learning experience. We invite you to explore our collection of ergonomic classroom furniture, soft seating options, and adaptable workstations to find the ideal solution for your educational setting.


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