The all-school system that makes storage go.
Space Storage System

Math to Maker

Science to Sports

Cafeteria to Crafts

Admin to Art

While SPACE fits into any existing school building, it’s also a solution for future schools. The trend towards reducing the amount of fixed storage opens the door to mobile systems that work schoolwide.
Make room for agility.
SPACE frees classrooms from clutter, while enhancing the teachable space.
When you allow this system to do the heavy lifting you can remove casework, which frees up the walls for learning. This enables teachers to reconfigure their classrooms on a dime. And that saves money on infrastructure to boot.
SPACE is a smarter way to organize, see, and share resources.
SPACE works on all levels — from classroom storage for daily and weekly activities to building level Depots for universal longer term storage.
See space in action: Roll over to see the benefits of SPACE throughout the school.
Open up new possibilities.
Architects, designers, and school planners are increasingly being tasked with creating spaces that foster a wider range of collaborative and personalized learning opportunities. Agility is key here and SPACE is light years beyond other storage methods by freeing classrooms of clutter, casework, and junk closets.





“Clutter is a universal problem. Teachers really need an easier way to organize, store, and access their materials. SPACE is a simple, empowering system that optimizes space and reduces cost.”
David A. Stubbs II, Space Designer
See how SPACE makes storage go.
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We’re here to help you cut clutter. Improve workflow. Optimize resources. Raise visibility. Empower teachers and students. And show you how SPACE reduces costs too.
Let’s make storage go: