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Choosing the right furniture for the campus and hippocampus.

Since our start over 100 years ago, VS has been committed to exploring ways design can be used to develop skills for the next generation of careers. We constantly observe and learn from our clients to develop simple, accessible, and beautiful designs, focused on bringing people together and setting institutions apart.


The learning environment has fundamentally changed to answer a unique set of challenges that the next generation of students and professors face. To address these changes, we provide solutions that allow institutions to explore how pedagogy is delivered. Discover how you can leverage VS’ experience to help change how you do business in your learning and lecture spaces by using an innovative set of tools.


Students today face a unique set of social and emotional challenges, and the skills they need to be successful cannot come only from the classroom. Creating scalable and spontaneous moments across your college campus is an important part of developing the social aptitude needed in the modern work environment. VS products allow spaces to be changed on a dime and bring people together in new and effortless ways.


The Living Learning environment across campus is evolving into a space that not only plays an important role in attracting students with beautiful and engaging designs, but is also fundamental in creating incubator spaces where careers are explored and strong social bonds are formed. VS can help campuses keep a cohesive look and flow throughout these spaces with durable, ergonomic, and collaborative furniture.


Whether you are leading a cohort of students or are on the journey to publish groundbreaking research, finding space for thought leaders to come together across disciplines and generations must be considered when designing for both collaboration and heads down work. In research and faculty environments that bridge these two worlds, VS’ deep understanding of educational environments drives our approach for academic workplaces.





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Agile Learning: An Extended Holistic Approach, by Dr. Dieter Breithecker

Static sitting leads to physical-mental deterioration and sabotages our ability to concentrate. Sitting still is not an evolutionary biological state. Physical activity directly affects cognitive processing areas of the brain, which helps the center for learning and memory – as well as our executive functions – participate.

Insights: The Flexible Classroom

For a world in constant motion, the solution is flexibility. Education practices are transforming to meet the diverse needs of students. In this brochure, you will discover key concepts for higher performance in any learning environment.

Sustaining Student Learning and Success: A Holistic COVID-19 Response Strategy

Fielding International and VS America have come together to reimagine “school” as a physical place that is sustainable on multiple levels, that promotes and supports sociological and technological equity, is a resilient and flexible place in which to learn and is fully accessible to all.

Dr. Dieter Breithecker, Health and Kinetics Scientist

Dr. Dieter Breithecker is the President of the Federal Institute on the Development of Posture and Movement in Germany. His focus is on physical activity and the impact it has on physical and mental health, especially as it pertains to students in schools and for those working in offices. Check out his videos on YouTube for more.

VS America Product Catalog

VS America, Inc. provides adaptable, ergonomic, and environmentallyfriendly educational furniture solutions which allow for the creation of flexible learning environments.


Workspaces should encourage experimentation and collaboration – inspiring new thinking while communicating key aspects of brand and culture.

EcoTable Brochure

Suitable for use in school, administrative, or office environments, EcoTable meets a wide variety of needs. These budget-friendly tables come in all standard sizes but can also be customized to fit special requirements. Discover the many possibilities of this practical range of tables.

TriUnion Brochure

TriUnion easily finds its place in all different forms of learning. The triangular shape invites people into the conversation and brings small groups together quickly. Individual tables can be combined into an ensemble if needed.

LifeTable Brochure

VS LiteTables offer the ultimate flexibility for multi-use spaces and agile classrooms. A range of tabletop shapes and heights allow mix and match configurations.

Bestsellers Brochure

Browse our most popular products.

JUMPER® Brochure

Discover our JUMPER collection – chairs for any occation and every generation – designed in collaboration with Jean Nouvel, French architect and designer.

JUMPER Studio Brochure

Internationally renowned architect and designer Jean Nouvel is always focused on the future. This is why the chair and table he developed in partnership with VS both bear the name: JUMPER. Durable and sustainable. The JUMPER Studio-Table is a table that can be used practically anywhere.

TriTable Brochure

The TriTable, with its ergonomic triangular shape, can be used as a stand-alone table or grouped together in many different ways to form a multitude of configurations. They are easily moveable and stackable which makes them suitable for smaller learning spaces, as well as more open environments.


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