The iconic chair that fits everywhere (else).

Fits wherever you need it.

Stakki is the easy button. A utility player that works wherever you need it. Cafeterias. Media centers. Around breakout tables. Outdoors. And especially well in tight quarters.

Upwardly mobile.

Under 9 pounds, Stakki is easy to move, stacks up to 10 high, and its triangular form allows for space-efficient storage.

Stakki's concave legs and stepped glides enable the chairs to nest in place securely. This design feature also protects Stakki's seat surface when stacked.

Clever choice all the way around.

Environmentally speaking, Stakki is a thoughtful solution too. As a single part with no mixture of materials, it recycles easily. In fact, our production surpluses go right back around into new chairs.

And by the way, Stakki is also UV-rated and designed to withstand the elements, so feel free to take it outdoors.

Stakki designer Martin Ballendat's vision:

Design an exceptionally versatile chair, reduced to the absolute minimum.

With students, designers, space planners, and the planet in mind, we set our sights high.

Stakki. A chair that's visually and functionally unique. A modern chair for everywhere (else).

Curiosity invited.

For more information, download the PDF brochure.

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Or visit the Stakki product page for specifications.