A new, iconic chair


A minimal three-legged design, with a basic triangular shape manufactured from extremely durable glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene, at first sight the Stakki chair stands out like no other. With his innovative concept, designer Martin Ballendat has created an iconic chair which is both visually and functionally unique – individual and absolutely unmistakable.  


Design: Martin Ballendat

Designer Martin Ballendat and his studio have worked for numerous international companies and brands, designing furniture for residential use as well as for the non-domestic and office sectors. He has always been fascinated by the function of chairs. In the case of Stakki, he has provided an extreme example of the designer’s art. He wanted to reduce the chair to an absolute minimum. His vision: As little as conceivably possible to provide the greatest possible functionality. A chair that is full of freedom and exceptionally versatile. The result now stands firmly on its own three feet.

High stacking capability

The stepped shape of the glides and the concave leg profile make stacking easy and ensure stability, while keeping the seat surfaces protected. Ten chairs can easily be stacked almost vertically on top of one another.

Comfortable however you sit

What is the right way to sit on a chair with a triangular seat surface? Whatever way you like! Stakki permits a wide range of positions, whether sitting towards the front, the side, the back, or at an angle. Users can sit on Stakki from every side and still enjoy the same ergonomic comfort. The chair seat has a small surface, but it is exactly the right amount to ensure all-round sitting comfort.

Exceptionally space-saving

At floor level, Stakki again takes up little space and can be easily pushed close together like the slices of a cake. Six chairs can fit around a circular table while leaving ample freedom of movement for the legs.

For indoor and outdoor use

Testing by the TÜV association certifies that Stakki is suitable and authorized for indoor and outdoor use, and it has scored top marks on the lightfastness test which evaluates the color-fastness of a material against the influence of light.

vs_80501_20.jpg stakki-kombi_700x230.jpg__700x230_q90_crop_subsampling-2_upscale.jpg

Safe & Sustainable

Stakki has been comprehensively tested for safety and passed with flying colors. It carries the GS “tested safety” label and also passed both BIFMA standards X6.1 (educational seating) and X5.1 (office seating). Designed with sustainability in mind, Stakki is made from a single part, and any production surpluses are directly reused for the manufacturing of new chairs – in line with VS’ rigorous environmental standards.

For more information

Stakki. A chair for a new age (brochure, PDF download)