Mobile Whiteboards

In educational environments, being able to effectively communicate information is key. As media ecologist Marshall McLuhan once said, “The medium is the message.” To deliver a message effectively, an engaging medium can easily strengthen communication. So, whether you’re designing a seminar space, a lecture hall, a conference room or any other environment where dynamic communication is vital, our mobile whiteboards provide smartly designed, user-friendly solutions.

Dynamic Equipment for Dynamic Settings

Not every space is the same. To meet your particular needs, our mobile whiteboard options are highly versatile. Individual units are designed with the utmost attention to quality and detail and, multi-surface variations, such as the TopMove-V sliding board with five writing surfaces, offer virtually limitless opportunities for creativity and communication. Numerous lineations are available to suit the needs of specialized settings and subjects, from music to mathematics and much more. Magnetized surfaces bring an added dimension to visual equipment. Customizable and sliding frames are designed for smooth transitions and a broad range of uses, allowing for seamless presentations and sharing information in any setting.

A Diversity of Applications

Whether you’re looking for a resourceful chalkboard, projector screen, mobile white board, map holder or other visual board accessories, our multifunctional products offer a streamlined appearance, time-tested performance and elegant construction for which VS America is highly regarded. For assistance finding the ideal visual equipment solutions, we encourage you to contact us at (704) 378-6500 or via email at

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Media rail systems

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