Flipchart, rollchart.


System. Charts for slotting into the MediaPro-II rail systems. The elements can be easily slid.

Function. Level 1 boards can be slid over elements of the picture rail and the magnetically adherent strip. Level 2 boards can also be slid over level 1 slot-in elements.

Board areas. Sturdy, lightweight design with anodized aluminum edging and rounded safety corners. Aluminum safety hanging fittings with integrated rollers and unhinging retainer at the top. Aluminum-colored plastic spacer wheels at the bottom.

Board surfaces in white enamel steel (without lines) for VS boardmarker and with paper holders for flip- and roll-charts including pad or roll of paper.

Note. The model can only be used in each case within one system, i.e. MediaPro-Basic or Comfort or Premium, and the corresponding level.

The following material groups are available: Writing surface made of steel: E(white).


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