Ergonomics - Collaborative Workplace Furniture

The modern workplace is defined by dynamism, adaptability, and collaboration. Gone are the days of the typical, static office layout. Unique collaborative workplace furniture can now facilitate movement and innovation.


An active office boosts creativity and contentment, and as the broad consensus of experts in occupational health advocate, a more physically engaging workplace design should include options that move employees beyond a purely sedentary work day. Of course, highly practical, contemporary furniture solutions that are as functional as they are visually appealing offer the best solution for promoting the natural balance of sitting, standing, and moving. VS offers a range of ergonomic options to energize your office, and to promote a healthy posture for your employees.


Form + Function

Our collection of collaborative workplace furniture is set apart by its strong visual presence in any contemporary work environment. However, aesthetics and functionality at their best go hand in hand. For instance, our ergonomic office chairs create a polished, professional visual impression while offering comfortable, sustainable, and versatile seating. Elements like our Series 901 continually adapt to the body’s posture, capturing an emphasis on physical well being that defines the best and most engaging work spaces.

Micro Solutions for a Macro Result

While choosing the best collaborative workplace furniture may seem like a secondary point of interest, creating an environment in which focus, adaptability, and balance are prioritized is crucial to an effective and productive workplace. We invite you explore collection of versatile contemporary furnishings to find the ideal elements to suit your unique space.


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