Case Studies - Active Learning Spaces

As a leading innovator in contemporary classroom and professional furniture, VS has partnered with the best international architects, designers, and educational institutions to develop authentically creative active learning spaces. At the core of our design principles is the belief  that the most successful learning experiences are supported by stimulating and adaptable educational environments. We invite you to explore some of our past projects to discover a sampling of what’s possible.


Custom Solutions for Unique Educational Environments

At VS, we understand that each educational environment - just like every individual student - is unique. To make the most of both dedicated and multipurpose spaces, we’ve engineered a diverse selection of seating solutions, desks and tables, mobile storage components, and additional furnishing elements to ideally appoint spaces of various sizes and configurations. As you’ll see throughout our case studies, the active learning spaces we help to create are both flexible and focused, with opportunities for students and educators to collaboratively interact and explore. Of course, as the best teaching methodologies reflect, the learning experience must be centered on students above all. As such, our designs allows for freedom of movement, enhanced physical support, and responsive motion for learning that is both physically and mentally engaged.

Get Inspired

We invite you to explore some of the projects we’ve completed with our partners and clients. Discover the potential for creating integrated, active learning spaces to support authentic education at every level.


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