What's Driving Schools to Rethink Student Desk and Classroom Layouts?



As active learning and dynamic education initiatives continue to make strides, we are also seeing a surge in more active, versatile, and eco-friendly student desks and classroom furnishings. More intuitive and forward-thinking designs of learning go hand in hand with more innovative furniture solutions, and schools are starting to see the benefits of both. Whether you’re an educator, a student, a parent, or even a designer, it’s well worth familiarizing yourself with the causes behind this significant shift.


More Dynamic Furniture for More Active Learning

Gone are the days when the learning process was thought to consist of the simple transfer of information. Rather than subject students to passive, uninvolved modes of traditional learning, education programs are increasingly adapting to overwhelming research that supports active learning instead. Since an environment is so deeply intertwined with the activities that take place there, this idea has led to far more student desks, classroom seating, and multi-use furnishings that are suitable for active learning. Of course, it’s worth asking: what exactly is meant by dynamic or active learning furniture? As a general rule, these types of furnishings are characterized by superior ergonomic design, flexibility, an adjustable format that allows for use by a range of ages and body sizes, and adaptability for multiple uses in classrooms and multifunctional environments.


An Increased Emphasis on Versatility

As furniture design continues to become more innovative, especially in educational settings, we’re seeing a dramatic increase in the versatility of furniture pieces. This is largely due to spaces being utilized for multiple functions. When it comes to contemporary student desks, classroom furniture has traditionally been dominated by static, one size fits all furniture pieces. However, with more dynamic classroom settings, in which a number of activities are taking place throughout the day, seating and table elements as well as storage solutions often need to be more mobile and adaptable. Because single furnishing elements can now be used for a number of applications, flexible and active learning furniture is not only more versatile, but in many cases more cost-effective as well.


Sustainable Furnishings for Sustainable Environments

Curating student desks and classroom chairs that are not only reliable long-term, but also eco-friendly, has never been more important. All VS furnishings adhere to the strictest environmental standards, and are ideally safe for use, in addition to supporting a minimal environmental impact. Not only do such practices ensure the lasting safety and use of furnishings in educational settings, but they also represent a smart and economically viable option for schools of all types. In addition to an increasing interest in creating sustainable, balanced, and environmentally conscious school and work settings, furnishings such as those at VS are able to be trusted at every stage of design, manufacturing, and application.

We invite you to explore our entire collection of student desks, classroom seating elements, and storage solutions to sustainably furnish your unique educational environment.




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