Sustaining Student Learning and Success: A Holistic COVID-19 Response Strategy

Sustaining Student Learning and SuccessInternational School of Kazan, Tartarstan, Russia.

How might education be redefined in the midst of this COVID crisis and beyond?

Never has so much thought been put into reconstructing learning and reimagining schools. We now have an incredible collective opportunity to decide what we really need for the future of learning – and by extension, the future of schools.

Fielding International and VS America have partnered to reimagine what school really means, and how it can truly become a place that is sustainable on multiple levels. A place that supports and promotes technological and sociological equity, is resilient, agile, and is fully accessible to all. These key qualities create learning environments that support every child and give them the space needed to thrive. 

Reopening Strategies

The reopening strategies presented below in this first release of our upcoming book is the result of discussions with and research from doctors and scientists in the fields of Infectious Diseases and Public Health.

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