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Due to the current health crisis, the world is collectively experiencing anxiety and uncertainty. All aspects of our lives have been disrupted as we shift to carrying out our daily routines inside the safety of our own homes ⁠— and even our children’s education hasn’t been spared.

Current directives discourage face-to-face learning where physical distancing is not possible, and many schools are now resorting to virtual classrooms. While this learning approach is a great way for kids to continue their education despite the less-than-ideal circumstances, it has also amplified the stress brought about by the global health predicament. In fact, 71% of parents find that managing distance learning for their children is a significant source of stress, on top of having to worry about basic needs like food and housing, as well as access to healthcare.

If this sounds familiar, we've come up with a few tips on how parents can deal with homeschooling stress.

A Primer on Stress

Before we discuss our tips on how to manage homeschooling stress, it’s crucial that we understand how stress works. When we’re faced with an emotionally charged situation, our body naturally responds through stress. Our heart rate increases, our breathing speeds up, and our muscles tense when we experience stress. This helps us make urgent decisions to take us out of dangerous events and highly emotional circumstances.

That said, stress can manifest differently from person to person. This is why resilience coach L. Barbour points out that understanding the way you react to stress is key to helping you build resilience in these trying times as a parent. Generally, there are three ways we handle stress: with self-criticism, through self-isolation, or destructive introspection. As we familiarize ourselves with these tendencies, we can gain a better grasp on our stress and how best to deal with it, which will not only benefit us individually, but our families, too.

3 Tips to Manage Homeschooling Stress

Put Comfort First

Uncomfortable furniture can become a source of stress. Distance learning requires children to sit for prolonged periods of time doing their worksheets or participating in a virtual classroom, so it’s imperative that you provide your kids with a comfortable learning space. You can do this by sourcing out seating solutions that combine ergonomics with aesthetics. Furthermore, try to look for desks that are adjustable in height to enhance the comfort level in your child’s learning station.

Allow them Privacy

Your kids share a certain level of intimacy with their classmates and teachers ⁠— and it’s crucial that this bond is carried over in a virtual setting. If you breach this intimacy by not letting them have privacy during their virtual classes, you might create unnecessary stress for both you and your children. So, carve out a semi-private space for your kids and foster a peaceful environment for them to focus on their studies. Overall, allowing your child privacy with the right tools will help them feel more at ease and equipped in the virtual classroom.

Let Your Kids De-Stress Through Play

Without a doubt, schools can become stressors for both you and your kids ⁠— even if it’s done through a virtual setting. To help alleviate the stress your kids experience because of distance learning, you should incorporate free time into their daily schedule. A good way to let them make the most of their break is by letting your kids play outside in nature, where they can find mental respite and experience sensory adventures to help boost their creativity and social behavior.

At the end of the day, there's no perfect way to parent through a pandemic. Try and keep an open mind, and be sure to talk with your kids often on how you can work through this new challenge together. With a little patience and understanding — for both your child and yourself — you can find ways to power through as a family.


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