Mobile Room Dividers

When arranging the ideal environment, finding the best configuration for your space is key. At times, spatial limitations dictate what’s possible while at other times, we choose to push these boundaries with resourceful design. At VS America, we’ve assembled an exceptional collection of innovative, versatile and intuitive mobile room dividers. Whether you’re furnishing a single classroom or an expansive multi purpose space, our selection of modular room dividers and partitions is certain to match your evolving needs.

A Unified Environment

While many traditional mobile room dividers create a disjointed and aesthetically disruptive visual impression, our modular room dividers achieve just the opposite. By effectively separating space with minimalist designs and appropriate sizing, any desired amount of privacy and openness can be imparted. As a perfect example, the Series 2000 line of functional partitions and privacy screens come with multiple customizable features, and effectively achieve spatial separation without calling undue attention or disrupting communication between areas. Similarly, the Series 2000 Type F Functional (adaptable) partitionfor Series 901 is designed with versatile supporting elements for adaptable configurations and use.

Elegant Subtlety

From contemporary counter and corner elements to multifunctional shelving and folding screens, our collection of mobile room dividers and panels is endlessly versatile. Additionally, each element creates a distinctive yet subtle visual statement to ideally suit your space. To discover your perfect fit, we invite you to contact us via email at, or reach us by phone at (704) 378-6500.

Serie 2000, LinkUp

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