Series 2000

Typ M. Functional partition.

Series 2000

System of mobile individual elements.

Frame construction with an all-round aluminium profile section and a filler element. Side profile section with a vertical functional rebate and an integrated pull-out plastic welt for tool-free joining of two functional screens.

Filler element 1. Melamine-resin-coated LIGNOpal chipboard. 2. Magnetically adherent enamel-coated LIGNOpal chipboard. 3. From a lightweight top with fabric covering. 4. Melamine-resin-coated acoustic panel with slotting. 5. Double-section panel.

Support element consisting of short and long stabilisers with castors.

Note. The maximum load must not be exceeded when integrating accessories in the function groove (see table).

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of aluminium: M(anodis); Stabiliser and foot made of aluminium: M(arctic, black RAL 9011); Writing surface made of steel: E(white); Fabric cover: S46,52,73,74,78,79,80; Acoustic surface made of LIGNOpal: L3.

Series 2000