Series 600

Stand-at module.

Series 600

Body consists of a tubular-steel skeleton with 4 tubular corners/legs, a solid metal bottom and 3 perforated-metal sides, all powder-coated. Standard with design or special castors or optional adjustable feet.

Front of solid metal with metal bow handles.

Top cover of chipboard laminated with either melamine-resin sheet, linoleum or veneered and with glued-on (KU) plastic or (BU) beech edges. Choice of square or round corners.

Organisation (45100-7) either open with adjustable chipboard shelves or with drawer and tambour. Bottom with pedestal unit based on steel frame with integrated rows of holes for the distortion and wear free acceptance of drawers and suspension files.

Organisation (45140-2) with 3 or 1 sided compartment either open or with door of satin glass (single pane safety) and metal knob. Adjustable shelves of melamine-resin laminated chipboard with glued-on (KU) plastic edges.

Locks. Optionally with cylinder or turning knob locks.

Features and options. Designer handle, post box with slit, business card holder for the format 85x55 mm.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of steel tube: M1,(chrome-plated); Front made of steel: M1; Roller cover made of plastic: C; Body made of steel: M1; Cover top made of chipboard: L3; Cover top veneered: F1; Cover top made of Linoleum: L8.

Series 600