Egon Eiermann SE 40, SE 43

Swivel chair, swivel stool.

Egon Eiermann SE 40, SE 43

Frame comprising a steel four-leg star foot and a gas spring with chrome-plated column tube. Stools with round seat surface, and chairs and armrest chairs with wooden cover, are available. Backrest attachment made from a curved steel loop.

Seat and backrest (chairs) of three-dimensionally shaped beech or walnut plywood with visible and surface-flush seat attachment.

Features and options. Seat height adjustment using gas spring with top operation and with mechanical seat angle adjustment. Backrest height adjustable using handwheel. Plastic glides.

Design. Egon Eiermann.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of steel tube: M(chrome-plated); Seat and backrest: H(natural, black).

Egon Eiermann SE 40, SE 43

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