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First and foremost, design must be inclusive. In a successful convergence of place and people, the people come first, with processes and productivity second. Today there is an awareness that learning differences may be what inspires creativity and innovation. Open spaces must provide choice, so they are not intimidating and counterproductive, and they must cater to all the varying sensibilities and learning styles of the workers.

The hum of the coffee shop and the ambient noise in a café are optimal for individual creativity - measuring typically at 70 decibels, this is superior to a 55 decibel level which is more suited to detailed work.

Acknowledge that it's all social: translate processes and traditional spaces into social networks to break down the silos that prevent knowledge sharing.

Active, relaxing, and holistic spaces - celebrating movement, food service, coffee breaks, and daylight. These strategic renewals boost productivity, job performance, and health. Bringing the outdoors into the workspace has been seen to improve health. The inherent and inseparable relationship between humans and nature was the underlying theme of all of Neutra's designs, both in buildings and furniture. VS identified this important characteristic some years ago when the company decided to acquire exclusive rights to the distribution of Neutra's iconic furniture pieces.

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