Premium ergonomic and environmentally friendly furniture for the school and office

Suppliers to the knowledge society

One of the leading school, office and equipment fitters: As a complete supplier VS covers the entire spectrum of the modern knowledge society. With holistic, intelligent and integrative solutions. VS is dedicated to customer satisfaction and to supplying premium ergonomic and environmentally friendly furniture to our customers. Our product range adapts to the comfort needs of the user and is safely produced from recyclable materials. We use natural resources as raw materials with minimum impact and we follow exclusively safe, environmentally-sound manufacturing processes, including raw material procurement and manufacturing recyclable furniture. Our products are low emitting and easily meet strict GREENGUARD certification requirements in addition to the world-wide environmental policy, ISO 14001. The result – complete solutions that are high-performance and economically attractive.

Furniture, media, service for the school living space

VS offers highly innovative furnishing solutions for life-long learning – furniture, media and service for the kindergarten, school and college, for seminar activities and further education. To this end we offer leading-edge expertise in the market and customer focus that is second to none.

Inspiring and creativity-oriented learning environment

VS is a strong advocate of a new quality of learning – through design awareness in the learning environment. For the room as the “third teacher” together with adults and pupils has an important formative influence on children’s achievements and their wellbeing.

Office diversity

Designing work for future needs and tailoring work organization to new modes of communicating and working: VS’s approach is to map the diversity of modern office work functionally. Classic work stations are flanked by spaces for encounters, retreat and team work.

Solutions for interactive learning

At VS interactive media are integrated into especially user-friendly solutions that have proved themselves time and again – with a wide-ranging product, hardware and software stock of products, perfectly harmonized components and comprehensive post-installation service.

VS is a moving force in the knowledge society – since 1898

Comfortable alternation between sitting and standing when working, dynamic rather than rigid sitting postures – more ergonomic, more flexible, more mobility for improved performance and increased concentration.

VS’s idea

A Baden-Württemberg SME, a modern and highly efficient industrial enterprise located in Germany, a family-run concern with a long history and pioneering products and processes: Independence and freedom to make strategic decisions underpin our company culture. The company course is set to permanency and sustainability – in tandem with the region and responsibility for employees. A passion for quality and winning solutions has made VS a successful player. In Germany, in Europe and also, increasingly, in many other international markets.


A company led by the fourth generation of the owner family: Those responsible at VS make on-the-spot decisions. This kind of independence ensures continuity.

Furniture that makes history

From holistic Werkbund classrooms from the 1910 World’s Fair in Brussels to the much-copied wooden skid chair from 1950 to today’s intelligent furniture systems – VS combines a pioneering spirit with a quest to find material solutions.

At home in Tauberbischofsheim

1898 – 1998: VS celebrated their one hundred-year company anniversary. They moved into their new administration and exhibition building designed by Günter Behnisch. There’s more about our company history here.

Production in Germany

VS develops and manufactures its products at the company site in Tauberbischofsheim and is ever investing in modern production with highly efficient processes – the basis for winning product quality.

Brand values

VS means independence and autonomy, for production with ecological and social responsibility, for dependability in its company activities – and for reliable, durable quality products.

VS – a technology company

As a medium-sized company with its manufacturing base and administration located in Germany, VS is continually investing in modern manufacturing technology and further optimization of its automated production processes. Highly qualified employees enable the company to achieve strategic competitive advantages. VS controls all its central manufacturing areas itself – with expertise in materials logistics, manufacturing technology, industrial and handcrafting processes. Thus it is able to manufacture intelligent and innovative products and be hugely successful in a market that is intensely competitive.

Chipboard manufacture

Chipboard production is carried out entirely by automated CNC technology: sawing, milling, drilling, polishing and gluing of edges.

Manufacturing steel tube

Electronic welding and molding: Steel tubes are cut to length and bent, pressed, sawn and welded in a laser-controlled facility. Even complex parts such as corner joints are processed entirely automatically.

The creation of a chair

To make the PantoSwing chair swing and swing: Steel tube is formed into a highly stable cantilevered base in an automated manufacturing cell.

Jig manufacture

With its own tool making, for instance for all automated welding work, VS ensures a high degree of flexibility, for example for customized variants in series production.

Process planning and control

Manufacturing and process planning, process control and system integration: VS has the necessary engineering expertise for highly efficient production.

Customized product configuration

The large amount of vertical integration such as the complete design and control of automated production processes allow VS to customize configuration on an efficient series-product basis.

Large amount of vertical integration

Wood and steel processing: In its furniture manufacturing, VS controls the central production areas itself – a prerequisite for high-quality and flexible furniture solutions.

Top-quality surfaces

VS also offers expert craftsmanship for special orders and high-quality finishes for veneers for work-table tops.

Making ideas marketable

Product development as the development of an idea: e.g. working with Verner Panton. He designed an innovative cantilever chair, the PantoSwing, in which the seat inclines ergonomically forward rather than rearward as is usually the case. A simple idea with a lot of potential. But reducing something to its simplest form is often very challenging in the making. The steel tube base had to be made from one piece, bent 7 times, flex within a defined area, be as slender as possible but also very highly stable. VS’s design engineers made an inspiring product from these specifications – a product that was successful right from the start.

In a spirit of innovation

Many, many patents, pioneering product developments, ground-breaking processing: VS has always managed to get new - often standard-setting furniture solutions - underway.

Prototype design

Product development at VS covers all the steps in the process – from the idea to conceptual work to prototypes right up to the marketable product.

Distinguished design partners

Great products are created in collaboration with top-class designers – e.g. Verner Panton, Günter Behnisch, Jürgen Greubel. more

Customized solutions

As project specialists VS is able to design customized, modified variants based on efficient system platforms and plan workplaces that are tailored individually to the customer’s needs.

Materials and load tests

VS furniture combines a uniquely distinctive profile with resilience and durability. Material and load tests carried out in the company’s own testing laboratories contribute to product quality and a process-oriented quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Safety certificates

VS furniture bears the GS quality mark, the official safety-approved certificate in compliance with German guidelines. This means it is equipped to withstand the stresses of everyday life.

VS Dealers

VS America maintains a dealer network and works with dealerships in North and South America.

Acting sustainably

VS sets challenging ecological standards. Production is determined continually from the point of view of the environment – from product development to the choice of beech wood from areas of reforestation, to environment-friendly processing and finishing of wood and steel components right down to the use of reusable packaging materials and recycling concepts for disused products. In addition, we design our energy consumption as efficiently as possible, optimize the use of raw materials and prefer to use renewable energies.

Quality and environmental management

VS subjects itself on a regular basis to independent reviews of quality, safety and environment-friendly production – through its process oriented quality management system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and the DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 environmental management system.

VS’s energy management

Sustainable energy management ensures that VS’s utilization rate of regenerative energy is more than 40 per cent of its total requirement.


Disused furniture comes back to VS; in our recycling center it is dismantled and reusable components are put back into production. The prerequisite: an intelligent, modular furniture concept with few, unmixed materials.

Tested products

VS products are tested by external test institutes: GS mark for approved safety and the environmental certificates LGA-tested and Greenguard.


VS handles natural resources responsibly. The aim is products that are as durable as they can be but manufactured as far as humanly possible in an environmentally friendly way.

Global Compact

VS is a member of the UN Global Compact initiative and has pledged to act as a role model in the maintenance and constant monitoring of ethical, social and ecological business standards.

Social responsibility

The current percentage of staff members with severe disabilities in relation to the entire workforce is twice the percentage prescribed by law. VS endeavors to place orders in sheltered workshops for people with disabilities.

Long period of company employment

The long average period of employment with the company of 17 years underlines the high level of solidarity that employees feel towards VS.

Training and further training

VS supports a technical training center and works with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) for the practical part of their business management, wood technology and mechanical engineering programs.

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