Give students choice

How do we give students agency? How do we define agency in the environment? It means we give students choice on how to appropriate the right pieces of comfortable furniture that will help them think and collaborate better.

A safe environment and trust empower students to collaborate and communicate – while fostering critical thinking. Watch this video to see how student curiosity can be fostered through choice.

Kids deserve to be comfortable as well

“Our own comfort and movement as adults is critically important. Why wouldn't that be the same for children? We have invested in agile furniture throughout our entire district. We've already seen the benefit of kids being able to sit in chairs that they're comfortable in and given permission to 'wiggle.'"

– R.J. Webber, EdD, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

"I love the new furniture because it is comfortable and I like to be comfortable while I'm working."

-Student talking about VS furniture

As an adult we honor that your back hurts, that you want to have natural light and comfort. To really promote lifelong learning - and the love of reading - kids need and deserve to be comfortable.

"I like the new green chairs because you can lean back in them and they help my back - it helps my posture."

-Student talking about VS PantoSwing chair

Spaces show the respect we have for students

"Philosophically, I think, things work on us and we don't even know. If you're in a chair that doesn't move, you're not supposed to move. If I'm in this chair I can move, and I can get up and I can roll it around and I can go to another place. So I think there are these subliminal messages sent by furniture and trappings that say who we can be in a space."

– Dr. Ashby Kilgore, Superintendent

The furnishings and configuration of a classroom can cause the student to feel more or less active or passive. For example, a traditional desk and chair unit that is purely static encourages the passivity of the student, conveying a physical and psychological impression of restraint. By contrast, cantilever chairs allow for greater freedom of movement, which translates into an increased sense of psychological and intellectual freedom.

By facilitating rather than restricting natural movement, ergonomic school furniture can help to give creative agency to the student. This allows a student to feel empowered and inventive, and makes him or her more likely to deliver a high level of performance in class.

Improving facilities to reduce the risk of virus transmission

Schools teaching in-person during COVID-19 have been able to easily adapt their spaces, with VS America's agile furniture, in order to follow safety precautions to reduce the risk of virus transmission. Creating a physically distant classroom environment happens quickly by stacking unneeded tables and chairs out of the way.

  • Mobile furniture that fits through doorways ensures schools can quickly expand into hallways, foyers, and gyms as needed to spread out students.
  • VS furniture is built with constant change in mind to support all learning environments, and it can be rearranged to meet the need at any given moment.
  • Tables that can stack as high as 8 and chairs as high as 5 allow easy cleaning of floors.
  • VS furniture is easy to clean – see the cleaning and care instructions for VS America's products for more information.
  • Agile furniture solutions ensure school leaders have the necessary resources to address the needs of their individual schools.

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