Stratos W

Visitor’s chair


Delicate four-legged chair.The airy steel-wire frame combined with a cohesive seat shell make the Stratos W visitor’s chair distinctive in every respect. The fresh colors add their own touch to fit the surroundings while the chair provides elegant and comfortable seating.

Stratos W visitor’s chair

The four-legged frame of the Stratos W visitor’s chair is made from very sturdy bent and welded steel wire. The padded seat shell and two-part back padding make this chair very inviting. The raised armrests provide additional ease and long-lasting comfort.

Technical product information

Product features

The delicate Stratos W four-legged visitor’s chair is visually light and airy but provides sturdy and comfortable seating, even for longer events.

Floor gliders

The Stratos W visitor’s chair with four-legged steel-wire frame is equipped with gliders. Depending on the area of use there is a choice between gliders specially formulated for hard or soft floors. In addition gliders are available for universal use (2K - universal glider).

Areas of use

The Stratos W visitor’s chair makes its presence felt in the everyday life of the office and the broad color palette available provides a splash of color, as desired, to create attractive contrasts.


Conference. The delicate Stratos W four-legged chair makes its presence felt in the everyday life of the office and can introduce color as desired. There are as many as 19 fabric groups and a leather version available to choose from for the padding, creating a broad color spectrum. The Stratos seat shell comes in natural effect wood or stained in white or black, the padding in different colors and qualities.


Meeting. Because the Stratos offers many options it can be optimally integrated without ever losing its individuality. In effect, the four-legged Stratos W with its airy steel-wire frame and cohesive seat shell makes a comprehensively distinctive statement.


Small Meeting. The four-legged Stratos W works well in limited spaces without compromising its striking presence.


Seminar. The Stratos W four-legged chair is visually light and airy but offers sturdy and comfortable seating, even for longer events.


Break.With its padded seat shell and two-part back padding the four-legged Stratos W is an enticing seating option for the break. The raised armrests offer additional relaxation and lasting comfort.


Waiting.Time can seem to move slowly when you have to wait, likewise when you are in tedious, large-format meetings. So it’s good that the Stratos, with its seat-padding support and two-part back padding, offers users a high degree of comfort.


School Meeting.Furnishing meeting rooms to create a distinctive and individualistic ensemble: The broad color palette for the Stratos seat and backrest padding offers, with the wood shell, any number of opportunities for providing contrast. And the fresh colors radiate a positive mood to benefit any discussion session.

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