Stratos S4

Conference swivel chair


Elegant conference furniture. The light and airy look of the base with its four-star aluminum frame furnishes the Stratos S4 conference swivel chair with a high degree of elegance. The chair works well in limited spaces without compromising its striking presence and prestigious character.

Stratos S4 conference swivel chair

The Stratos S4 is infinitely height adjustable with a convenient cushioned soft stop function. In addition it carries the option of an ergonomic 3D tilt mechanism for dynamic sitting. The flexible seat surface reacts gently to every body movement supporting an active forward-leaning sitting posture as well as relieving back tension when the body is leaning back.

The Stratos S4 conference swivel chair also offers an optional return- back function. This automatic return function turns the chair automatically and aligns it toward the conference table.

Technical product information

Product features

High-level elegance and comfort: The Stratos S4 conference swivel chair height adjustment and return-back function offer every conference participant more comfort.

Floor gliders

The Stratos S4 conference swivel chair with four-star aluminum frame is only available with gliders. Depending on the area of use there is a choice of gliders specially formulated for hard or soft floors. In addition there are gliders for universal use (2K – universal glider).

The gas-spring height adjustment on the Stratos S4 is available with a black or chromed metal column.

Areas of use

On a small scale or in large conference format in prestigious surroundings: The Stratos S4 conference swivel chair, with its fabric and color options, adds its own individual touch in any context.


School Meeting. Individualizing meeting rooms and creating distinctive groupings: The broad color palette for the Stratos seat and backrest padding offers, with the wood shell, any number of opportunities for providing contrasts. And the fresh colors radiate a positive mood to benefit any discussion session.


Conference.The Stratos S4 conference swivel chair offers diverse design opportunities: A wood surface will match the prestigious aspect of the conference table or color versions can provide additional tonal interest.

The Stratos S4 conference swivel chair height adjustment provides every conference participant with optimal seat height.


Conference.On a small scale or in large conference format: The Stratos offers high-level comfort for short coordination meetings as well as for conferences with a more extensive agenda.

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