Making a space usable for a variety of purposes

David A. Stubbs II on the development of Shift+


Shift+ was created out of necessity. We realized we were at a crossroads generated by the inherent need to harness a dynamic shifting of educational delivery and instructional models implemented as well as demanded within our facilities. We knew we needed to institute more freedom by the creation of a new idea in educational furniture design. We needed a holistic solution that was complex but at the same time simplistic.

Our goal is to allow the end users to begin with a blank canvas by selecting a set of tools that respond to their specific learning and teaching environments at a precise point in time. We were careful to insure that these tools did not come with accoutrements or components that would hinder the instructional model. We are allowing the stakeholders to efficiently move selected accessories in and out of the space depending on what they are trying to accomplish.

Shift+ uniquely allows us to support the unlimited variety of learning possibilities and teaching styles in the most simplistic way possible. Every component within the Shift+ family is light and mobile. They can be easily reorganized. They can be efficiently stacked, creating open areas. They are not constrained to a specific educational space. They are specifically designed to be transitioned as well as re-purposed throughout a school facility.

Each member within the family of components, nests with each other in an unlimited set of configurations and arrangements. Storage elements become detached from wall surfaces becoming integral multi-functional pieces within educational spaces. Technology also becomes mobile as well as transparent with Shift +.

The elements of Shift+ allow the user to continually find new applications - to redefine his individual learning environment every day. The crucial differences Shift+ offers in school furniture will make educational environments more diverse than ever before.

David A. Stubbs II

Architect David A. Stubbs II has had more than 20 years’ experience in planning and designing learning environments. His passion is to create sustainable improvement in schools. He has received important architectural awards for his designs. Shift+ is his first collaboration with VS.

"With Shift+, for the first time ever, the learning environment can be tailored entirely individually – beyond all existing standards.”