Shift+ Flexible Learning Classroom Furniture

Flexible learning classroom furniture is fundamentally tied to the processes of active learning. For those who hope to provide an environment of mental stimulation, flexibility, and innovation, we’ve assembled the Shift+ collection, designed to balance physical and intellectual well being in a wide variety of educational and professional settings.


A Diverse Array of Options

From creative storage solutions to versatile tables and innovative seating solutions, the Shift+ collection spans a range of settings and aesthetics. Whether you’re looking to furnish a modern Pre-K school environment, a post-secondary seminar setting, or even a contemporary professional work space in which active learning is key, our flexible learning classroom furniture offers the ideal solution. Utilizing a number of high-quality materials from table surfaces to metal accents and premium finishes, to custom variations in color and style, Shift+ furniture captures the versatility and innovation you prize in your personal, work, or learning environment. Numerous elements are height-adjustable and can be configured in a virtually endless variety of ways to create a highly customized interior learning environment.

The Ideal Furniture for Authentic Education

Each item of flexible learning classroom furniture in our collection is designed to promote genuine physical comfort, mental agility, and spatial mobility. We believe that successful education is closely tied to the conditions of the educational environment, and are committed to helping you create the ideal setting for diverse and authentic learning experiences. Explore our selection of expertly designed, intelligently crafted furniture to find the ideal furniture elements to transform your space.