Quality orientation and responsibility.


Certificated standards for highest product requirements.

Highest possible quality and corporate responsibility – these are the principles by which VS operates throughout. Internally, VS works to the highest possible standards, but it also subjects its activities to independent assessment of quality, safety and environment-friendly production. The company has established a process-oriented quality management system based on the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard that defines the standard requirements in operational processes. This means that internal company processes are rigorously aligned to unconditional quality assurance.

All processes are clearly specified in a management handbook. There is an internal improvement management system working constantly to design the best possible processes such as those relating to manufacturing, adherence to schedules, service quality or customer satisfaction.

VS furniture bears the GS mark, the official certificate for tested safety according to German guidelines. This means that our products are fully equipped to withstand the demands made on them, whether in the office or during the school day.

Steel tube frames for chairs undergo materials and load tests. VS manufactures steel tube of the highest quality. This guarantees a long furniture life and unimpaired functionality – such as, for example, a perfect swing effect on cantilever chairs.

VS is also entered on the generally accessible and nationwide “pre-qualification database for the supply and service sectors” (the PQ-VOL). After a neutral suitability test by the Association of Industry & Trade (IHK), Baden-Wuerttemberg, VS received certification as a “competent, efficient and reliable company for public contracts”.

To the certificates

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