Protection of natural resources


Company with an exemplary environmental balance sheet.

An essential criterion for the development of durable VS furniture is the fulfillment of the highest possible quality and ergonomic requirements but also consideration of environment-relevant aspects.

Protection of natural resources: Within this remit we consider the entire raw materials and product cycle –from input material to manufacture right up to delivery of the furniture to customers. Our concern as far as is humanly possible is ecological, from product development to recycling.

To ensure this procedure is continuous we have an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 embedded both in management and in all the operative processes. Using this global standard, potential environmental problems can be recorded in detail and, based on the facts thus obtained, the company’s environmental situation continually improved – under regular neutral monitoring.

Environmentally sensitive furniture production begins with the choice of timber. And continues through to intelligent use of energy via our own wood-combustion facility and solar system on the production halls. VS processes wood from sustainably managed forestry businesses. Water-based coatings are used for wood finishing – this is not just an ecological plus but also serves to draw out the benefits of wood as a natural material.

As part of the cycle, here at VS we also use waste wood as raw material for a quality product: Beech wood shavings, a by-product of furniture production, are the raw material for our high-value LIGNOdur pupil table tops.

Even steel tube is fully recycled at VS. We have developed an extensive system for collection of disused products; steel parts are introduced back into the material cycle.

LuPo pupils’ chairs are equipped with a seat shell that has an especially comfy air-cushion effect. Seat and back rest are made from double-walled polypropylene – an artificial material that is highly robust and scratch-proof and very environmentally friendly. The chairs can be easily recycled.

Product development is specifically and consistently organized towards protection of resources, design that will bear the ravages of time, and durable product quality.

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