S40 Stamskin Top

S847 black    S985 yellow    S986 red
S987 green     S988 blue     S989 grey

Manufacturer: Serge Ferrari. 
Material: Artificial leather, multilayer composite (PVC), substrate: polyamide jersey 
Abrasion cycles: ≥ 120.000 
Width; Weight: 1400 mm; 1092 g/lm, 780 g/m² 
Fire resistance certifications: EN 1021-1 (P-c, cigarette test), EN 1021-2 (P-b, match test), NFPA 260, CAL 117 
Environmental certifications: recyclable 
S847 black (00002), S864 dark blue (10295), S865 turquoise (20289), S866 traffic red (07478), S867 orange (20280), S868 yellow (20299), S986 dark red (07479), S987 green (07485), S989 grey (07445) 
Warning: Printed and monitor representations of materials and colour samples may differ from the original and are not colour-accurate

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