System solutions for the school living space

As a high-performance, full-service supplier VS is able to develop all learning areas of the school living space in a functional and differentiated way. VS covers the full range of needs of the modern information society – with intelligent, innovative and integrative furniture solutions offering diverse applications that can be adjusted very flexibly to fit a large variety of learning situations.

School cafeteria.

Flexibility with stackable tables and chairs. Crucial to the flexibility of a space is its furniture. How much alteration are the tables and chairs capable of – how many options do they provide for different activities? Apart from traditional furniture for the cafeteria, VS also offers space-saving solutions but above all easy to move and highly flexible furniture.

This can be used in rooms which serve at times as a cafeteria but which are also used for other activities during the rest of the day. Tables and chairs are placed to one side and stacked to save space, or can be swiftly reorganized. Stackable chairs have row connectors so they are can provide ideal seating too for large areas.

School staffroom.

Furniture that earns itself top grades. Nearly everywhere in a modern school you will come across Series 800 shelf and cabinet elements: in the library and records office as well as in the head teacher’s or secretary’s office. And they are just as much at home in the school staffroom. The diversity of the range – shelving cabinets, wing-door or roller-shutter cabinets, many different surfaces, variable carcass sizes – means that the space can be used to meet requirements in a highly effective way.

The cabinets also offer every opportunity to be organized right down to personal mail and locker facilities. Tables such as NetWork, Series 901 or Quadra, available in different formats and basic shapes, can be linked to cover a broad range of uses in the staffroom.

School administration.

Full-service supplier for the knowledge society. VS is a full-service supplier for schools and offices. The full range of needs of the modern knowledge society is covered – with very well-proven intelligent and functional furniture solutions for a large range of applications in administrative areas.

For instance, with the NetWork workplace system. The tables provide the basis with a large selection of variants for developing personal work spaces. The Series 700 sideboards and cabinets with space-saving sliding doors offer extremely space-efficient storage. Series 800 shelving and cabinet elements can be fitted exactly to the height of the available space. Height adjustable sit-at and stand-at tables ease ergonomically beneficial changes in work postures.

Teachers’ lounge

Time to take a break. An informal get-together with colleagues, relaxation over a cup of coffee or a quick look at some work materials – an area for relaxing is put together easily with upholstered elements in the Series Lounge. The system built up from different elements can be freely configured and combined as desired.

Thus it is possible to form variable seating landscapes of different sizes and according to different layouts. This becomes the perfect place for recess, informal discussions, or brainstorming – a retreat where you can be alone or in a small group to work or exchange ideas. And the Series Lounge upholstered elements also create a welcoming, informally different kind of atmosphere for meetings with parents.

Library & Media Library.

Researching and focused working. Libraries and media libraries are the place in school for satisfying your curiosity and for independent learning. Pupils can work alone here or in twos focusing on a text, working or researching a topic. With its shelving and cabinet elements in the Series 800 and classic LiBro-Wood library system all of which can be configured and customized at will, VS offers the perfect solution for these areas.

And for a long time now school libraries have been much more than a repository for books and lesson materials. Equipped with integrated workstations they are also a retreat where focused learning can take place. Upholstered furniture in the Series Lounge offers a relaxed, informal, quiet and working area.

A space for pupils to withdraw to.

Relaxing in the pupils’ lounge. A modern school must incorporate areas for a range of different activities including leisure and relaxation. It is vital therefore to create a defined space for pupils to use for relaxation and recharging their batteries during recesses in the long school day for.

A lounge area that is appropriately furnished will allow pupils to meet in pleasant surroundings, enjoy being in small groups or just sit and listen to music and relax. The facilities needed: Lounge furniture offering different kinds of seating elements that provide as required an area for retreat and relaxation. Thus they have the right ambience for recuperative activities – or a place where they can simply hang out.

Recess, meeting place, recreation, hanging out.

Flexibility for the whole school day. In school teaching sessions alternate with group work, individual or quiet work or working groups and learning groups. But for the recess and for recreation it is also important to create sufficient areas for pupils to hang out in. That too requires furniture that fits different working models. And above all it has to be flexible, converted in an instant from, for instance, a pupils’ bistro into an area for recreation, play or to do homework in.

The VS solution: tables that consist of different single elements to be combined as desired. Or sit-at or stand-at tables for small groups. Organizational modules in the Series 600 are a help here and mobile, easy-to-handle screens in the Series 2000-P. And last not least: the versatile and colorful active Hokki stool.


Designing teaching rooms for the whole school day. A classroom needs to offer more than just sufficient space and furniture for lessons. In truth the ideal furniture is that which allows the available space to be used as required and in many different ways – flexible furniture that can be moved about the room and variably deployed.

Afternoon school especially has different requirements in terms of the classroom. There needs to be space for working groups, teamwork or learning groups at group tables or in circles of chairs, areas for individual pupils to do homework and quiet work in their own working space. As a full-service furniture supplier, VS offers the complete spectrum of solutions to cover all requirements for the school of today.

Computers, I.T.

Integrating computers into the lesson. What is taken for granted for office workstations: That they are set up for work on the computer – is now also true of pupils’ workstations in school when their lessons involve use at and with the computer. The NetWork-Media computer table has lockable cable channels on the rear side for an unrestricted working environment.

Tables are adaptable for linking and networking as required. The Integra table is the best model here; it converts from pupil’s table to complete computer work table with a single hand movement. Swivel chairs offer the requisite mobility especially if they are on castors; infinite height-adjustability provides pupils with ergonomic working conditions.

Homework, homework support.

Flexibility with stackable tables and chairs. Specifications for room design nowadays are as follows: to enable many different activities to be running at the same time or after one another – with flexible and functional furniture. And pupil group activities and homework sessions also need space.

Series 2000-P screens allow rooms to be divided very flexibly and facilitate the creation of protected areas. They offer privacy and can also be furnished with suitable surfaces for acoustic protection. Stackable and easy to handle, they can be used to suit different spatial requirements. Tables too need to be light enough for pupils of all ages to transport them easily.


VS and music tuition - perfect interplay. As a full-service supplier, VS is able to develop all the living and learning spaces of the school and adequately fulfills the specific requirements of specialist rooms. In music rooms the integration into the lesson of musical instruments demands a high degree of flexibility.

Light, stackable chairs meet this need; they can be easily rearranged as required. If there are to be no tables, the chairs can be equipped with writing tablets for left and right handed people. It is moreover vital to include in the organization of the room requisite storage space for valuable instruments and specialist materials.

Art, handwork and handicraft.

In a class of its own. Intelligent furniture offers us more opportunities. It opens up new spatial freedom in the school. For instance, if materials cupboards are mobile on castors they can be moved easily as required from room to room, or from one activities zone to another. So they are always where things are happening. The dynamic beats the static every time.

But intelligent functionality is also a decisive factor, a range that offers diversity and the requisite organization. Furniture must provide the best support possible for work processes. Subject classrooms demand particular features, whether workbench or art table. Suitable furniture there may mean height-adjustable, mobile stools, classic swivel chairs and mobile multi-purpose or subject-specific specialist tables.

Assembly hall, large space.

Furnishing large spaces flexibly. The range of activities for which a room might be used depends not least on the furniture available. A school hall has to have facilities for very many different activities. And be capable of transformation quickly and as required.

That means furniture that can be utilized for different purposes. Stackable chairs are easy to handle and make the organization of seating for a large space very easy. But they must be very stable and extremely comfortable. And prestigious events require well-designed, good-looking furniture. The same goes for stackable tables that can transform a large space in no time into a recreation room or working area. Because they are light and stable and very practical for everyday use in school.

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