Shift+ Landscape

Mobile shelving elements.

Shift+ Landscape

As an example of the Shift+ Landscape product family model no. 45293 has been analyzed:

Body, front and adjustable shelf inserts of melamine-resin-coated LIGNOpal chipboard, with castors out of steel.

Product composition and recycling content: The first two columns of Table 1 and the pie chart set out the materials used with the corresponding proportions by weight in per cent. The proportion of recycling material is indicated according to the type of material.

The materials of the product family are 100% recyclable:

  • Recovery of old material after use

  • Recyclability: possibility of recovery

CO2 emissions: Assessment of the products in terms of CO2 emissions is performed for the materials used (including extraction of raw materials and upstream processes) and with regard to the processes implemented at VS and transport volume.

Life cycle and product responsibility: Details on materials, processes, packaging, transport, use and disposal can be found on the pages "Choice of materials at VS" and "Processes at VS". Clarifications on the certificates can be found at “Sustainability and safety at VS”.

Shift+ Landscape