Choice of materials at VS.

Choice of materials at VS.

Polypropylene . The raw material for VS air-cushioned seat shells offers good workability and high flexibility. The scratch- and impact-resistance of the surface gives rise to long product service life even when subject to high load. Propylene is 100% recyclable.

Plastics. Fully recyclable plastics such as PP, PE, PA, PS, PU, PC and ABS are used for small parts.

Beech wood. Beech wood for VS plywood seats comes exclusively from certified sustainable forestry. Plywood, in spite of its low cross-section, can be subjected to high loads. Water-based varnishes are used to improve the surface properties.

Chipboard. Chipboard as the starting product for carcass furniture and table/desk tops is for the most part used with a decorative coating. All chipboard processed by VS complies with the legally prescribed emission class E1. The values can be further improved by in-house edge finishing such that results for formaldehyde below the LGA limit of 0.05 ppm (LGA pollutant-tested) can be achieved. Chipboard has a recycled content of up to 50%, also thanks to the use of sawmill chips. The word for chipboard manufacture comes from sustainable forestry.

Beech chips. The raw material for LIGNOdur tops is beech waste. The recyclable student desk/table tops are compressed under high pressure from beech chips in a process developed by VS. The LIGNOdur top has a much higher density than chipboard. This makes its extremely robust and long-lasting. Thanks to their impact-resistant surface, these tops are used particularly in schools.

Solid wood. Beech or alder wood from sustainably managed forests is used to manufacture solid wood sections and furniture.

Steel. The steel tube used for desk/table and chair frames has a recycled content of around 50%. It can be machined with great flexibility and high precision. The steel tube frames have a solvent-free powder coating. They are long-lasting and can be fully recycled at the end of their service life.

Aluminium. Aluminium die-castings can be variably shaped and well machined and are much lighter than steel die-castings. The aluminium alloy used by VS has a recycled content of around 90%. Visible parts usually have a solvent-free coating. Aluminium is 100% recycled at the end of its service life.

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