Pupils’ Cantilever Chairs

Active learning requires an ideal balance of body and mind, as well as the freedom to work in a comforting and empowering environment. This guiding principle has inspired our collection of pupils’ chairs featuring trademark VS furniture design, in addition to promoting physical and mental well being. Each ergonomic and cantilever chair in our collection is expertly designed for performance and versatility and makes the ideal addition to any educational setting.

Versatility Defined

For large format lecture halls and intimate seminar settings alike, our collection of Panton students’ chairs are intelligently crafted for adaptability and versatility in any space. The PantoSwing-LuPo cantilever chair captures the precision and focus of the Panton line with bent, chrome plated or powder coated steel tubing in the frame; an extra sturdy cross strut for maximum support; universal glides or glides for hard and soft flooring and a comfortable seat shell with an innovative air cushion effect. Items like the PantoMove-VF star foot chair feature optimal mobility with fully adjustable features. Naturally, all the pupils’ chairs in the Panton collection are available in multiple colors with customizable details to perfectly suit your space.

Create the Ideal Learning Environment

A space that is truly conducive to physical well being, creative focus and endless versatility is key for an authentic learning experience. We invite you to explore our full collection of ergonomic, flexible and cantilever chair options. If you have any questions regarding our range of furnishings, please reach us at (704) 378-6500 or via email at info@vs-charlotte.com.

Pupils’ chairs

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