Tubular Steel Cantilever Chairs (PantoSwing)

At VS America, we understand that multipurpose spaces can often be the most challenging to furnish. To help you create a space conducive to creativity, we’ve developed the Panton line of multipurpose chairs to suit every setting and objective. From tubular steel cantilever chairs to mobile foot chairs and more, we design pieces that encourage individuals to actively engage with their surroundings.

Dynamic Seating Solutions

Whatever the scope and spatial considerations of your unique space, our tubular steel cantilever chairs offer endless versatility. As with all of our designs, each piece in the PantoSwing line is conceived to inspire engagement, both intellectually and with one’s physical space. As such, the VS PantoSwing-Soft forward springing cantilever chair prioritizes the user with an ideal blend of ergonomic craftsmanship and dynamic flexibility. Likewise, the VS PantoSwing-2K forward flexing cantilever chair highlights the full range of possibilities with optional writing support attachments, armchair extensions and a range of material variations and color options. These selections are appropriate for hall seating, multidisciplinary classrooms, conference settings and a number of other environments. Stackable and piggyback storage options lend themselves to diverse and adaptable spatial configurations.

Customize Your Environment

Whether you’re seeking to furnish a contemporary work environment, an educational setting or a dynamic multipurpose space, our tubular steel cantilever chairs offer the ideal seating solution for maximum productivity and engagement. Transform your professional or educational space with a full range of options, unrivaled customer service and a holistic, environmentally conscious approach. For questions about our collection, or for assistance in selecting the ideal items for your space, we invite you to contact us at (704) 378-6500 or reach us via email at info@vs-charlotte.com.

PantoSwing, cantilever chair

PantoFour, four-legged chair

PantoMove, five-star foot chair

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