Shift+ Tables - Flexible Classroom Furniture and Modern Classroom Desks

An ideal learning environment or contemporary work space calls for furnishings that allow for focused productivity; the VS Shift+ Tables collection of flexible classroom furniture achieves just that. Whether you’re outfitting a dynamic learning space or a multipurpose space, our expertly designed modern classroom desks allow for versatility and freedom of movement.

Endless Versatility

As contemporary educational spaces transition toward spatial fluidity, the emphasis on collaborative and creative tools is something many educators and designers are seeking. To address those needs, our collection of flexible classroom furniture promotes a creative and non-restrictive learning environment specifically modeled for the future of education.

The Shift+ ThumbPrint collection highlights the versatility of our product line with superior craftsmanship and intuitive, stackable configurations. Likewise, the Shift+ Fusion tables can be vertically folded for ease of use and diverse spatial considerations, placing them among our most innovative portable desks. Shift+ BaseStation semicircular tables combine organic lines designed for singular focus or collaborative work. Shift+ Interact teachers’ lecterns are height adjustable, allowing for the freedom to adjust for dynamic or traditional classroom environments, as is necessary.

The Ideal Work Surface

Whatever your objectives, the Shift+ Table and flexible classroom furniture are designed to meet your needs with an emphasis on physical well-being and creativity. With a seamless blend of contemporary form, sustainable craftsmanship, and structural integrity, our Shift+ Tables are quickly becoming the standard of excellence. Transform your space and your outlook, contact VS America.

Shift+ Tables