Flexible Classroom Storage Solutions Shift+ Landscape

In educational settings where productivity, creativity, collaboration, and active learning are prized, furniture has the power to create a space that fulfills these needs and more. To help you create the ideal learning environment, we’ve developed the Shift+ Landscape collection. Throughout this line, you’ll find innovative classroom storage solutions, customizable shelving and more. Whatever your environment’s needs, we’re pleased to provide the most user-friendly, comfortable, and intuitive furniture for a perfectly balanced space.

Creative Standards

With impeccable structure and forward-thinking design, our Shift+ line features classroom storage solutions like the Transfer mobile shelving units that reinvent practical storage. Likewise, Shift+ Transfer Teach mobile cabinet elements allow for versatility and multi-dimensional space. In terms of classroom seating, Shift+ Landscape soft seating elements maximize your space with organic configurations and built-in storage solutions. Adjustable shelf inserts allow for maximum flexibility and adaptability in a range of settings.

Transform Your Space

With the diverse range, we reimagine the form and function of your space easily with students and educators in mind. If you’re furnishing a dynamic classroom setting, then discover dynamic classroom storage solutions within our Shift+ Landscape line.

Shift+ Landscape