Evida Venezia S427 red (57). Manufacturer: Hornschuch.


Material: Artificial leather, approx. 50% renewable raw materials, approx. 30% natural raw materials, approx. 20% mineral oil-based raw materials (Vinyl = PVC)

Abrasion cycles: 50,000

Width; Weight: 1370 mm; 1050 g/lm, 750 g/m

Fire resistance certifications: EN 1021-1 (P-c, cigarette test), EN 1021-2 (P-b, match test), BS 5852 Crib 0,1, UNI 9175 class 1 IM, NFPA 260, CAL 117

Environmental certifications: OEKO-TEX 100 (category 2), with no heavy metal content

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