Evo S790 blue (EV-9). Manufacturer: VS.


Material: 100% Polyester

Abrasion cycles; Fastness to rubbing: 150,000; 4-5 wet, 4-5 dry

Width; Weight: 1400 mm; 300 g/lm, 214 g/m

Pilling; Lightfastness: 5 (1-5); 4-5 (1-8)

Fire resistance certifications: EN 1021-1 (P-c, cigarette test), EN 1021-2 (P-b, match test)

Cleaning (dry cleaning; mechanical): With tetrachloroethylene and water solution of carbonate fluoride; clean the whole surface with a damp cloth

Note: Formaldehyde measurement acc. to PN-EN ISO 14184-1; color fastness to perspiration acc. to PN-EN ISO 105-E04

Warning: Printed and monitor representations of materials and color samples may differ from the original and are not color-accurate. All fire protection certificates documented above refer exclusively to the fabric itself, not to the complete furniture as upholstery composite.

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