Furniture Materials

At each phase from innovation to production, quality furnishings are only as good as the materials from which they’re created. As such, our selection of furniture materials, ranging from glass and plastics to wood and laminates, reflects the dedication to quality craftsmanship for which VS is known throughout the world. We invite you to explore our collection of custom material options, selected to ideally suit a range of furniture for schools, homes and professional environments.

From Classics to Cutting Edge

With a strong history of innovation and design, we create furniture that perfectly captures a balance of quality engineering and forward-thinking style. By utilizing only the highest quality furniture materials, we ensure that each and every piece in our collections meets the most desirable and rigorous standards of composition, function and design. All materials, including plastic elements, board surfaces, composite materials and more, are produced and manufactured with the utmost adherence to environmental standards and maintain a minimal ecological impact. As is essential in furniture for schools and workplaces alike, all materials also meet the highest standards for safety and performance.

Create Your Ideal Space

From exceptional design to unparalleled detailing, our furniture materials ensure the highest quality furnishings to suit your space. Whether you’re considering plastic, wood or fabric variations, select from an array of colors, chosen to reflect the specific needs and visual impact of your environment. From soothing tones such as astral silver and dolphin grey to energizing shades of vivid orange and light green, discover the best materials to create the environment you desire.

Plastic color


Wood stain color

Metal color




Cork/Cork linoleum

Composite material


Board surfaces


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