Cloakroom system for kindergartens and primary schools with the slippers in class principle


System consisting of an optionally combinable wall panel with clothes hooks, a shoe cabinet and a wall cabinet.

Wall panel made from 19-mm-thick melamine resin-coated chipboard with four black double hooks offset from one another. The hooks, which have been certified by the TV product testing authority are rounded and equipped with a curved top part to prevent injury. The gap to the wall required for installation is covered with a sealing lip. The wall panels are available in two heights, making them suitable for kindergartens and primary schools and each panel can be used by a maximum of eight children.

Shoe cabinet consisting of a body made from melamine resin-coated chipboard with a central partition and two fixed, glued panels. The four shoe compartments for eight pairs of shoes can optionally be equipped with a black plastic base for putting shoes on. A tough HPL cover panel can be mounted on the top panel. The shoe cabinet, which possesses a set-back 8-mm base, is positioned in front of the wall panel and is screwed to it.

Wall cabinet consisting of a body which is subdivided into four compartments and made from melamine resin-coated chipboard. The wall cabinet is fixed directly to the wall above the wall panel.

The following material groups are available: Body made of chipboard: L6; Wall panel: L3.


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