Tent element for floor-level learning.


Tent elements for creating individual withdrawal areas in the classroom for individual children or small groups. The triangular material elements can be combined with the mats from the Shift+ series to create tent configurations and nooks and crannies. Similarly, the textile sail-type elements can be fixed to any magnetic surface (cabinets from the Shift+ series) using magnetic fastenings. A tent pole, which can also be used in combination with the Gugl storage element and/or the triangular Shift+-Landscape mats, makes it possible to construct a round tent consisting of a maximum of 6 sail elements.

Textile sail element, consisting of a stretch fabric and glass fibre rods for tensioning the triangular surface. With 3 fixing points on the long and one fixing point on the short side.

Tent pole, consisting of a solid wood pole with a 6-way adapter in two heights, positionable using a bayonet fixing.

Shift+-Landscape mats, optionally with 1 to 3 fixing points (see above).

Magnetic fixings to fasten the sail elements to any magnetic surface.

Storage bag for transporting and storing the sail elements and curved glass-fibre rods

The following material groups are available to choose from: Fabric sails: S77.