Cleaning and maintaining

desktop linoleum surfaces.

Cleaning and maintaining

Note on COVID-19: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers detailed cleaning and disinfecting guidance depending on how often surfaces are touched. To learn more about their latest recommendations, please visit

General information: Remove any loose dust or dirt from the surface using a duster or vacuum cleaner. To eliminate adhering dirt, mix a neutral cleaning agent or wax-based cleaning emulsion (pH value < 9) in the cleaning water. Wipe the linoleum surface with a slightly damp lint-free cloth.

Treat stubborn dirt and marks with an undiluted neutral cleaning agent or wax-based cleaning emulsion (pH value < 9). Remove the loosened dirt with an absorbent cloth and then wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Remove pencil marks with a soft eraser. Under no circumstances should you use soft soap, scouring powder, organic solvents or cleaners with a PH value > 9.

If possible, remove spilt liquids (e.g. coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc.) with clean water using a sponge or rags. If the liquid has already dried in a little, it is possible to add a little household detergent or pH-neutral soap cleaner to the water.

Dried-in dirt or stains can be treated with turpentine substitute. Allow to penetrate for a few minutes and then rub carefully with a sponge or rags to remove the dirt. However, in such cases, visible light edges may be left.

After performing any cleaning, wipe over again with clean water and then rub dry with a soft cloth. Minimize the exposure of lacquered wooden edges to liquid and always dry them afterwards.

Care recommendation: Regularly wipe over desktop linoleum surfaces with a slightly damp cloth. If necessary, add a little neutral household detergent to the water. If repair work is necessary, you are advised to contact the VS Service department directly.

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