EcoTable-Q, EcoTable-R


EcoTable-Q, EcoTable-R

Screens made from melamine resin-coated or veneered 19-mm chipboard with glued plastic or solid wood edge.

CPU holder: Constructed from curved, welded steel wire with black epoxy-resin powder coating, for installation between the table legs.

Para.Mi LED: Continuously dimmable desk lamp in white or black aluminium.

Tolomeo Mini LED: Anodized aluminium desk lamp.

Wireless charging module. Wireless charging module that can be integrated in the cable outlet flush with the desktop for the wireless charging of smartphones.

Table connector with 4 screws for attachment to the table frames.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Cover made of chipboard: L4; Screen veneered: F4.

EcoTable-Q, EcoTable-R