Serie Lounge

Linear seating elements NoBack, LowBack and HiBack.

Serie Lounge

Range of upholstered furniture including stool, bench, armchair and sofa elements - based on the use of cubic elements with low, high or no backrest. With functional gap between the seating surface and backrest for the insertion of variable-position armrests.

Design consisting of a stable, wood-based body with foam cushioning and cotton wool fleece lining.

Frame made from chrome-plated circular steel brackets with two seating heights with plastic, felt or dual-component universal glide elements and height adjustment.

Combination. Individual elements can be combined to form seating landscapes as required.

The following material groups are available: Frame made of steel: M(chrome-plated, black RAL 9011); Fabric cover: S46,51,74,78,79,80.

Serie Lounge

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