Series 800

Niches for installation in cabinet walls

Series 800

Element cabinet (see table for details) in heights of 2, 3 and 4 height units.

Type: Niche as open storage space for decorative purposes or with cushioning as comfortable sitting area.

Body consisting of two side parts, an upper and lower panel and a rear wall. The upper and lower panels are placed flush against the side parts and fixed with dowels. Sides and upper/lower panels made from 40-mm chipboard and rear wall from 19-mm chipboard.

Element cabinet (see table for details) in height of 1 height unit.

Type: Open shelving cabinet as substructure for niches.

Padded mats made from foam with easy-to-clean artificial leather covering, black all-round surrounding strap and non-slip bottom with hidden zip fastener. Can be used as comfortable cover for sitting niches in cabinets.

The following material groups are available: Body made of chipboard: L6; Body made of chipboard with laminate: L3; Fabric cover: S40,64,82.

Series 800

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