Swing door cabinets and cabinet recliners


Frame consisting of slightly oblique, drop-shaped tapering legs with all-round edging, each made from veneered construction beech laminate with a matte wax/oil surface. All variants equipped with felt or plastic glide elements.

Body made from melamine-resin-coated chipboard with glued plastic edge. With open shelf compartment and shelf insert as well as with swing doors or drawers. The latter variant with a cut triangular edge at the front to act as a handle.

Cover plate with shadow gap.

Front with swing door made from melamine resin or veneer-coated chipboard with glued plastic or solid wood edge. With a triangular surface-mounted solid wood handle. Optionally available with lock.

Cabinet recliner with three-part cushioning and swing door element.

The following material groups are available: Frame made of Construction beech: H(natural); Body made of chipboard: L(white, terra grey); Cover top and front made of chipboard: L(white, terra grey); Cover top and front veneered: F(natural oak, Walnut); Fabric cover: S46,51,74,78,79,80.


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