Care and cleaning

of glass surfaces.

Care and cleaning

General: Glass surfaces don't usually need a great deal of cleaning. Simply wipe down slightly dirty surfaces with a moistened cloth or sponge. Dirtier surfaces can be cleaned with water and an ordinary commercial glass cleaner.

Don't use sharp and/or scouring cleaning agents as they could easily damage the surface of the glass. This also includes all liquid cleaning agents which contain abrasive whiting (powdered chalk) or similar ingredients.

Only use cleaning cloths, wipes, or natural or synthetic sponges . Don't use cleaning pads made of plastic or or steel wool as these can cause permanent damage to the surface structure. After cleaning the glass surface, draw off the fluid from the glass surface with squeegee and wipe with a dry cloth.

Dirt which is difficult to remove or is sticky such as paint drips and splashes will need to be roughly removed by mechanical means (such as scraper) before you clean. The best thing to do is to contact VS Service directly in this case.