Care and cleaning

of polypropylene parts (PP).

Care and cleaning

General: If they are used properly PP chair parts do not usually require any special care. Surfaces which are only slightly dirty can be cleaned with a moistened cloth or sponge. Much dirtier parts can be cleaned using water with a gentle household or neutral cleaner.

Don't use sharp and/or scouring cleaning agents as they could easily damage the surface. This also includes all liquid cleaning agents which contain abrasive whiting (powdered chalk) or similar ingredients.

Only use cleaning cloths, wipes or natural or synthetic sponges . A soft brush can be used for crevices. Do not use cleaning pads made of plastic or steel wool as these can cause permanent damage to the surface structure.

Marks made by pens, felt-tips, markers and the like should be removed before they dry if possible. Extremely dirty surfaces (paint stains, adhesives, spray paint or dried-in marks) should be removed by a specialist. The best thing to do is to contact VS Service directly in this case.