Care and cleaning

of linoleum desk tops.

Care and cleaning

General: Remove loose surface dust and dirt with dust wipes or a vacuum cleaner. Use a neutral cleaner or a wax emulsion cleaner (pH value < 9) to get rid of clinging dirt. Damp wipe the linoleum surface again afterwards with a lint free cloth.

Treat stubborn dirt and stains with an undiluted neutral cleaner or wax emulsion cleaner (pH value < 9). Remove loosened dirt with an absorbent cloth and then damp wipe. Use a soft rubber to remove pencil markings. Never use soft soap, scouring powder, organic solvents or cleaning agents with PH value > 9.

Spilt liquids (such as coffee, tea, fruit juice and so on) should ideally be sponged or wiped off with a cloth using clean water. A little household washing up liquid or PH neutral soap can be added to the water to clean off liquids which have already dried on slightly.

Dried on dirt or stains can be treated with turpentine substitute. Wait a few minutes to allow the cleaner to work and then carefully rub away the dirt with a sponge or rag. Faint marks around the edges might still be visible.

After cleaning always wipe off with clean water and a rub dry using a soft cloth. Varnished wood edges should be exposed to as little moisture as possible and always dried afterwards.

Recommended care: Linoleum table tops must be regularly wiped down with a damp cloth adding a little neutral household cleaner if necessary. The best thing to do is to contact VS Service directly if anything needs to be repaired.