Care and cleaning

of veneered and varnished surfaces.

Care and cleaning

General: Veneered and varnished or painted surfaces don't need a great deal of cleaning. UV-hardened acrylic varnished layers (UV water-base coatings) are easy to clean. Special care must be taken with hard, rough, pointed or sharp-edged objects, such as protective studs or buckles on briefcases or executive cases. Varnish can also be damaged by substances (such as nail varnish) which contain solvents.

Standard care: Dry wipe table tops regularly and then clean with a damp cloth (using just a little household cleaner). Then rub down with a dry cloth.

Spilt liquids (water, coffee, tea, etc.) should be wiped away as quickly as possible using a soft, dry or moist cloth; always wipe again afterwards with a dry cloth.

Don't use hard or rough cloths (including microfiber cloths), sharp or abrasive cleaning agents or solvents. If you do, you might damage veneered or varnished surfaces. The best thing to do is to contact VS Service directly if you have any problems with stubborn dirt.