Care and cleaning

of melamine coated finishes.

Care and cleaning

General: The melamine coated surfaces of furniture don't usually need a great deal of cleaning. These sealed surfaces are easily cared for. Clean off slightly dirty surfaces with a moistened cloth or sponge. Dirtier surfaces can be cleaned with a little water and gentle cleaning agent or soap solution. Quickly soak up all of the water which may be left over with a cloth or sponge. Then rub down wooden edges with a dry cloth.

Don't use sharp and/or scouring cleaning agents. These could damage the surface.

Only use cleaning cloths, wipes or natural or synthetic sponges ; do not use cleaning pads made of plastic, microfiber cloths or steel wool.

Stubborn limescale/limescale deposits can be removed with warm 10% lemon juice or ordinary vinegar. Then wipe with clean, warm water.

Marks made by pens, felt-tips, marker pens and the like should be removed before they dry if possible.

Extremely dirty surfaces or dirt which is very difficult to clean, such as paint stains, adhesives, spray paint or dried-in marks made by pens, felt-pens, board markers and so on will have to be removed by a specialist. The best thing to do is to contact VS Service directly in this case.