The personal workspace.


Design constructed from glued bodies that can be combined with any desired table to create a personalized storage/workspace. The HomeBox is available as a standalone element that can be positioned to the left or right next to the table as a table-height or 3 HU element.

Body made from melamine-resin-coated chipboard with glued plastic edge. Optionally available with chipboard cover panel or high-density HPL top to match the adjacent table.

Front with large, organisable storage space at side. Surface made from chipboard with plastic or wooden edge.

Drawer. lockable with chrome-plated or matte-chrome bow handle.

Equipped with retractable materials tray and open compartments, optionally also available with drawers or suspension filing cabinet, electrical connections, safe deposit box and business card holder.

The following material groups are available: Body made of chipboard: L6; Front made of chipboard: L3; Front veneered: F1.


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