four-legged chair.


Frame made from curved, welded, powder-coated or chromium-plated circular steel tube. Optionally available with armrests and plastic lining.

Fixed-height chair sizes in accordance with DIN EN 1729.

Seat and backrest shell manufactured using a monosandwich process. Made from polypropylene with a hard core and glass-fiber content. With a flexible outside and edge area to prevent uncomfortable pressure points when sitting. Optionally with a tightly upholstered seat and backrest area.

Equipment and options Glide elements for hard and soft floors or 2C universal glide elements.

Accessory. Model 31198 stacking barrow for 1 stack of seating size 6 chairs.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of steel tube: M1,(chrome-plated); Seat and backrest: C1.